& Responsibility

As a leading global metals business, sustainability is at the core of Chaze’s operations. Our business approach is well-rounded and holistic to ensure sustainability encompasses it at every stage. We focus on sustainable mining practices, energy conservation, recycling, environment-friendly disposal of industrial wastes, health and safety practices, socio-economic development of the communities around us and empowerment of our employees.

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.


We aim to be good corporate citizens and respect the people and communities who work with us. We work along with the communities and contribute to their development both economically and socially.


At our refineries we aim to provide a comfortable working environment and seek to eliminate occupational health hazards. In addition, a dedicated medical team is available on site to ensure the health and safety of our people. We also conduct annual health checks for our people and it is our constant endeavour to keep our workforce healthy and happy.


We are aware of the environmental impact of our business. Thats why we strive to not only maintain, but also enhance our ecosystem. We ensure all regulatory requirements that are state, national and international are followed. The latest technologies are uses in our plants to reduce pollution. Waste material disposal and recycling is processes are followed under the strictest regulations.


To put in to action our beliefs, we constantly engage in various activities at our plants. Sporting activities like bicycling, volleyball and football for the youngsters in the community have been sponsored by us. Green initiatives are taken by us on a regular basis and we also involve the company and our people in cultural festivals of Thailand.

Bicycling Campaign supported by Chaze

Community school Volleyball team
supported by Chaze

Songkran festival celebration at Temple organised by Chaze

We don’t build a
We build people.
And then
people build
the business.

At Chaze, our people are our most important asset. So, we keep our environment motivating, inclusive and exciting. Ensuring favourable HR policies, training for the workforce, learning and development sessions for employees is given importance. People here have an entrepreneurial outlook and are rewarded for their efforts, responsibility and efficiency. The spirit of teamwork, exceptional levels of integrity and mutual respect propels our growth in the global market.